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poor people work harder than anyone but have so little to show for it and that’s why it drives me mad when i hear people tell others to “just get a job”, “just get an education”, etc

we are constantly thinking about money, constantly thinking of new ways we could possibly earn a few extra bucks, constantly worrying, losing sleep over money, getting sick from the stress of not having money. life does not stop when you’re poor.  you need food. water. rent. bills.it’s expensive to be poor.

i’m not sure i have ever felt so stressed out in my life. it’s just this dark cloud that is forever hanging over me and despite working two full time jobs as well as doing a handful of other things to raise some extra money, there’s always some giant debt to pay. and then, when we decide we’re going to “splurge” ($10? $20?) to treat ourselves it’s thrown in our faces, as if we weren’t already feeling guilty as fuck for treating ourselves to some pizza or some new makeup or a piece of clothing for once. i can’t remember the last time i purchased something for myself that didn’t also come with crushing guilt and intense anxiety.

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I just wanted to let everyone know that ModCloth is having a giant 70% off sale. Most everything pictured is under $20, considering some of them were $100+ to start out with, that’s a huuuuge discount. Also most of these items go from XS-4X.

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i am very upset gordon decided not to continue with kitchen nightmares now all i am left with is old episodes how is that a way to live

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