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I am so goddamn fucking fed up with doctors. I am desperately trying to get help. I already have a psychiatrist and a therapist but I feel like I need additional help. Someone who specialized in borderline personality disorder, preferably but really I’m willing to speak with anyone at this point. So I have a list of doctors that take my insurance, because I cannot afford spending $200 or more on doctors outside my network, and I’ve called dozens of them and every single time something like this happens (I JUST hung up with one and this is literally what happened);

"Oh, agoraphobia?! Yeah I’ve had great success with agoraphobics! It’s one of my specialties"

"Great, so do you do phone sessions, Skype sessions or home visits?"

"….? No, you have to come here."

"……….. I’m agoraphobic, I can’t do that, if I could I wouldn’t be speaking with you"

"so how do you live? how do you see the doctor? is your family just buying into your agoraphobia and facilitating you?"

"………….. What would you like them to do? I’ve been this way since I was 13 and-"

"Sorry to be frank but all you need to do is drive here and we’ll meet"

"and I have a really severe case, I can’t do that. And what would you like my family to do? Set the house on fire and see if that lures me out?"

"Well unless you come here there’s not much I can do for you, best of luck"


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Thin privilege is being able to buy confectionery and other sweet things at the supermarket and knowing that the cashier won’t take it from your bag when you’re not looking.

This has happened to me three times this year whenever I go to a certain supermarket in town and meet the same cashier.  The last time it happened, I made sure I checked my bags before I left and then marched right back in, demanding why I’ve always been defrauded by her.  And she gave me the most astonished look, and said that I shouldn’t be eating such things and that she’s ‘saving my life.’ 

Like, she didn’t think that what she was doing was theft or illegal in any way.  In her mind, she was saving the fat girl from the dangers of a few bars of chocolate.  And I’m completely sure that she does it to other fat people that shop there too.  I’d stop going to that place but it’s the only local supermarket in town that sells the type of rice that I like eating.

What an absolute lunatic.

Out her name and the store pls.

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Denny’s Japan 

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million dollar bill - conor oberst


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