dewydoeeyes said: Hi, sorry if this is bothersome in anyway. About your Laverne Cox post, is there an article or something I could read about what happened? I had no idea she did something like that.

It happened on her show TRANSform Me, a makeover show. I think it was the 8th episode! The woman literally ran off the photoshoot crying after being coerced into it in the first place. Not okay! :(

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trying to think of unproblematic celebrities u like and you’re just sat there with a virtually empty piece of paper - you’ve written laverne cox down three times

are we talking about the same person that forced a woman to pose in lingerie for a man even after she clearly stated she was uncomfortable doing do and then after the woman, who was then crying hysterically, had locked herself in the bathroom laverne told everyone that she got exactly what she deserved

cause that seems pretty fucking terrible to me

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✨ gold glitter liner ✨

✨ gold glitter liner ✨

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Anonymous said: Thank you! I just finished doing all their tests and we'll see if I get an interview. I am not sure how good I will be at like tech support jobs (I currently work at a supplement store so I am good with that but technology?) So hopefully I will not be terrible at it! Thank you so much <3

They have a bunch of companies they do business with, so you might not even end up with a tech support job. Maybe just sales or customer service! Good luck! Keep me updated. <3

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Anonymous said: Was looking at your at home jobs post and I applied to Talk2Rep and I just wanted to say you have to pay $50 for your own background check and judging from the Glassdoor reviews your pay is based on surveys and if you get too many negative ones you get no money at all so I am not sure? They emailed me for some tests but I am not sure if I should bother even trying to be employed there. I wont work for free. If i at least got min wage but the reviews say that is only during the trial period.

You’ll always be paid at least the base wage, which is $9.00 -$10.00 I think. You make more with better surveys and more sales, but regardless, your pay wouldn’t go below the base pay. Ever.

The $50 background check is bullshit and I hate when companies charge you for them, but it seems like a necessary evil when dealing with companies that offer work from home opportunities.

If I were you I would go ahead and move forward with it and ask the recruiter these specific questions when you talk to him. I’ve spoken to a bunch of employees and they’ve all said they’ve never not been paid but depending on their performance/sales scores, their pay can change with each paycheck but it will NEVER dip below the base pay.

If anyone reading this has anything else to add, please message me and I’ll post it for this anon, thanks!

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we are remodeling our house and i’m in charge of decor and i’m always surprised by how much beachy ocean themed stuff there is for bathrooms. bathrooms don’t remind me of the beach. they are where you go to poop.

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Anonymous said: Sorry to bother you but I wanted to ask your opinion of something. I'm 17 and my boyfriend is 22, do you think the 5 year age difference is abnormal? We both love each other and I know that is what's most important but I just wanted to know how you feel about it.

No I think that’s totally okay. I’ve always been into older men and that’s only a 5 year difference. I don’t think it’s weird/bad. As long as he treats you how you deserve to be treated that’s really all that matters. My mom met my dad when she was 16 and he was 20, got married at 18/22 and they’ve been together for like 35 years. :)

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buttabutt said: why not be proud of them lol fuck everyone else

i know right, it’s better than feeling the need to apologize for and being ashamed of my bod plus i’ll never understand why people take other peoples bodies personally.

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so weird funny and lame when people act personally offended because i like to show my tits off
like what’s the problem people

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would anyone want to watch me play and talk about video games on Twitch or would that be naaaaah?

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Anonymous said: ive noticed you sort of hide your face in your hair in your selfies i would love to see your face better honestly! it feels lost in all that hair (tho you do have pretty hair~~)

I always hide behind my hair irl too.

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