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My beautiful prints from @lisa_falzon came today! I can’t wait to order more eventually! 🍎💕

My beautiful prints from @lisa_falzon came today! I can’t wait to order more eventually! 🍎💕

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etsy etiquette

Is bartering on Etsy acceptable? I am NOT talking about things that people actually created like art. I would never do that. But for thrift store finds. I don’t know, is that a thing? Do people do that? Do only assholes do that? What do?

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Anonymous said: FULL room tour please, I would love to see! All the glimpses I see are so darn cute!

I would love to share my little living environment with you! I will take some decent photos this weekend. :)

Thank you! I’m actually very happy with it so far. It’s so bright and open and happy, it used to be incredibly dark and cluttered. It has definitely lifted my mood tremendously! <3

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Anonymous said: Your closet looks so neat! Do you have any closet organizing tips?

I actually don’t really. My closet includes a new clothing rack, a cheap (but very nice) shoe organization cube contraption from Target and a bag thing that was supposed to go over my door but it doesn’t fit on the door so I stuck it in my closet. I also put a nice rug down and removed the closet door and the closet tracks to open up my room a lot. I’m not the most organized human. :< But maybe once I’m finished I’ll take more photos so you can see it a little better and hopefully that will give some ideas though I promise it’s nothing special, just cleaner than it used to be!

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i wish we could just download skills instantly into our brain. like do you know how much my life would improve if i could speak multiple languages and learn to sew

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Anonymous said: You're an idiot. Don't belittle people for having a different perspective to yours.

This is the most sensible and least hypocritical message I have ever received in my life.

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Happy with my new room! Organizing closet space 🍃

Happy with my new room! Organizing closet space 🍃

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Anonymous said: So you still think mike brown was innocent? The autopsy has proven all of the shots came from the front, meaning brown couldn't have been running away. A dozen witnesses have confirmed the officers side of the story. So, what is unacceptable? Can you not accept the fact that a black kid could commit a crime? Or that a white cop would have to defend himself? Or is it unacceptable that people agree that the facts are against mike brown and that pisses you off?

The police have changed their story multiple times. The witnesses on both sides have changed their stories multiple times.

Tell me why this young, unarmed man was shot 6 times, including blows to the top of the head? Tell me why this officer stopped him in the first place, because police claimed the officer had no previous knowledge of the alleged robbery? The store clerk denied that he, nor his employees, even reported a robbery?

If he did commit petty theft, does that mean he should be executed for it? And if he did get into a fight with the officer, are you telling me that an officer couldn’t restrain this teenager? The officer that people claim fought for his life was pacing the parking lot for a good while after the murder and was walking around the teenager he killed with not a drop of blood on his uniform - how does that make any sense to you? Why did they leave Mike’s dead body on the ground uncovered for hours? If it was self defense, why did they need to change the story so many times?

If Mike Brown committed petty theft, he should have been arrested and had been given due process. People don’t fucking get murdered for stealing from convenience stores. Back in high school, some of my friends would steal the dumbest shit and they were actually all arrested but I can promise you that they’re all still alive because stealing something is not punishable by death.

It pisses me off that this young guy was murdered and for what exactly? The police were sure quick to release that surveillance video but where’s the video that was taken from the cop car?

And beyond Mike Brown, if the way the law is handling the protests in that city isn’t upsetting to you, you might want to ask yourself why. Why are you okay with tear gas being thrown at little kids and protesters who are just sitting on the sidewalk? Why is okay they throw tear gas into private property? That they put assault rifles in peoples faces? That isn’t how you handle a fucking protest. If they are afraid of riots, where is their riot gear? Are they getting ready for a riot or a purge?

Black people are being treated like they’re wild animals.Their lives are considered less valuable by an enormous amount of people. I’m sick of people making it sound like it’s only the “REALLY bad racist people” who view black people as second class citizens because whether you want to admit it or not it has been ingrained into white people and other poc since childhood that black people are somehow scary and are to be feared and are alien or are just Others.

That’s what pisses me off. Why doesn’t that piss you off? Why are you okay with police breaking the law by not wearing any identifiable tags and refusing to give their names when asked? Why are you okay with pregnant women being thrown on the ground and being forced to stay on their stomachs? Why are you okay with police brutality? Why do you believe law enforcement when they are the ones throwing tear gas at media? What’s wrong with you?

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