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Birthday Pancake Cake

Birthday Pancake Cake

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i know being mentally ill (or otherwise disabled, but i’m speaking only from personal experience here) can make you feel like a really high-maintenance partner, and i know it can feel like you’re repetitive or self-absorbed or demanding or whatever, but i just wanna say: you deserve attention, and you deserve to talk about your problems, and you deserve to have your needs met, and the people in your life who love you understand these things. you are not a burden, you are a person who your loved ones have chosen to care about, and part of that means respecting that you have different needs than non-disabled people do. you’re good and important and you are not doing a bad thing by being yourself 


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American Dreaming INC. | Philly




American Dreaming INC. | Philly

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Anonymous said: Do you like babies? Or at least tolerate them? I love babies, but I have a couple of friends who LOATHE babies and make me feel bad for liking them. I'm excited about my friend having a baby soon but when I brought it up once with one of them (just to excitedly gush about buying cute baby clothes or whatever) they made the most disgusted face at me and I just felt awful. So I'm kind of upset. ._. I just wanted... idk a hug or something. Internet hug.

I love babies! I love children! I don’t want one of my own because I’m super unstable but if I were stable, I would have them. I don’t care if other people don’t like/want kids however people who don’t tend to be REALLY obnoxious about this fact. It’s really weird. Like you’re some badass because you hate babies?! Get over yourself, dude, I am not impressed. I just don’t understand why people are so proud of the fact! Idk!

I’ll celebrate babies with you!

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watch out for men who start conversations with “i’m not gonna lie” or “i must say”

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egg jellies

egg jellies

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could you please fill out this quick survey for me?


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Anonymous said: Help me Audrey I'm sad. :(

Why are you sad? :(

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Anonymous said: What job was it that you got fired from?

I’d rather not say. It was a customer care job but I’d like to remain at least semi-professional and not out the company.


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Anonymous said: Hey I was looking at your instagram and was wondering which apps do you use to make the side borders with a pattern and the cute frames? Thanks! And sorry to hear about the job, its so hard to get one nowadays.. :(

I mostly use decopic, afterlight and line photo. :)

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Anonymous said: How did you handle it when you told you were being fired? I haven't started working yet but I have no idea how to professionally respond to that when the time comes, which I'm sure it will!

Welllll. At my old job, I was put on suspension and I cried and begged for them to not fire me.

This time, I hung up on her mid-sentence. Which probably cemented my termination.

In the past year I’ve learned enough about myself to know what I deserve and what I don’t deserve and I genuinely don’t care who you are, if I feel like I’m being screwed over I simply won’t stand for it. It’s unprofessional to let a week go by without mentioning the incident, when you go to sign into work and your account is locked and you ask the supervisor on call what’s up, they tell you you have to wait until your own supervisor before you can log in. So I’m sitting there, unpaid, for nearly 45 minutes waiting for this woman to sign on. I had to message her first, she told me to call her, told me I had a bad attitude and that I had a “sweet, beautiful” voice but they can’t hear that over text. I feel like I possibly could have kept the job if I had kissed ass but I just absolutely refused to do that.

What kind of leader are you that you don’t talk to your team unless it’s to fire them? I just think it’s really shitty.

I refuse to ever work for a company that treats their employees like garbage while gurgling the balls of dickbag entitled customers. This company made tens of thousands of dollars from my performance. I was doing so well I even got a raise not even a week ago. And suddenly, without warning, I’m being fired because I had a “bad attitude” (FALSE - I admit I wasn’t as fakebubbly as they like but rude? No.) one time. Out of the thousands of customers I dealt with, no warning, no improvement plan. It was really shitty and I refused to apologize.

Sorry, I’m ranting.

How to accept being fired with dignity: Thank them for giving you a chance, tell them it’s been a pleasure and you are grateful for the time you spent there and ask them to keep you in mind for future possibilities. AKA don’t hang  up on the supervisor lol

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